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When we talk about responsibility to our children's future and the future of our world we are talking about green building practices and education. In todays world it is vital that we understand and respect the enormous impact of the built environment and how it will affect our world tomorrow. We can lessen this negative impact through green building construction and operational practices. Additionally, we can lower overall operating costs and create a healthy environment to live and to work.

As a masonry and stone contractor, Masonry Arts Inc. has a first-hand experience with resources and materials that contribute to sustainable, durable and affordable construction of high performance building projects, as well as the renovation of existing projects and spaces. The materials we work with are straight from the earth and are often local to the project site. From this core understanding of green building practices, we believe it is important to continue our education and growth at pace with the ever-changing green design and built world.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has developed a system approach to define and measure just how environmentally responsible, energy efficient, healthy and even profitable a building project can be through incorporation of these green design and building principles. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program or LEED for short, is a 3rd party certification program administered by the Green Building Certificate Institute (GBCI) that provides the necessary information and tools to verify that a building project meets these standards through its Green Building rating system.

The building community has responded and projects continue to incorporate the LEED program more and more. Masonry Arts, Inc. has participated in a number of LEED certified projects including rating levels of Certified and Silver. It is the intent of Masonry Arts, Inc. to continue to participate in projects, which actively pursue certification through the 3rd party Green Building verification program. Masonry Arts has an in-house LEED Accredited Professional (AP) who offers continued education in green building practices and principles, as well as guidance in the LEED Green Building rating system and certification process. Through our continued participation in LEED-rated projects in addition to our green-based contribution to projects through masonry and stone, Masonry Arts, Inc. will continue to commit itself towards environmental, economic and social improvement that benefits everyone involved in the built world.


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